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Ordinary paving paint will peel and lift leaving a patchy look to your garage floor or driveway.

We offer a superior alternative for renewing an old concrete floor. Our coloured / tinted sealers come in a wide range of colours and penetrate the concrete ensuring a excellent bond which doesn't peel.

TSS ensures a thorough preparation process. Firstly we hot water pressure clean the surface to remove grime, oils, grease and old paint. If necessary, we use a concrete floor sander to ensure a clean surface for the new sealer to bond to. Finally the whole surface is acid etched and washed down.

After the cleaning and prep process is finished, we allow the concrete to dry for at least 2 days (depending on weather) before applying the coloured concrete sealer.

It's a rigorous process but necessary if you want a long lasting coating that leaves your concrete paving looking good and maintenance free.

Total Surface Solutions - Perth's premier coloured concrete coatings professionals.

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