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The build up of moss and lichen on your roof tiles has a negative impact on the look of your home and inhibits the runoff of rain water.

We undertake a thorough 4 Stage Roof Cleaning process.

  • High pressure clean (at the correct angle to ensure no water enters the roof cavity) to remove all the moss.
  • Low pressure water gun is used to remove any growth present on the ridge capping and to wash down the whole roof
  • Gutters are pressure cleaned to remove debris and if required a chemical can be lightly sprayed to kill any remaining spores which may still be present.
  • Thorough check of all roof tiles & ridge capping to ensure any broken or cracked tiles are replaced or repaired.

Also at minimal extra cost we can apply a sealant to your tiles which will inhibit moss growth for many years to come.

With over 10 years experience cleaning and maintaining Perth's roofs you can be assured of a professional job with Total Surface Solutions.

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