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At Total Surface Solutions we are Perth's experts in Cleaning and Preparing Sealing Pavers of all types.

Most modern pavers are quite porous and can quickly succumb to staining caused by moss, oil & grease and the build up of grime. The best way to protect your paving is through the application of a quality, hard wearing and long lasting sealer.

At Total Surface we only use the latest in top quality sealants. We'll ensure that the sealer used is the most appropriate for your type of paving e.g. exposed aggregate or liquid limestone and its location e.g. pool surround or driveway.

Incorrect sealer application can mean that the sealer will either a) be ineffective in protecting your paving or worse b) your paving can reject the sealer which will leave you with terrible looking paving and an expensive clean up process!

Call now for a no obligation free quote and let Total Surface Solutions ensure your paving stays looking great for years to come.

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